Praca: Product Owner [rekrutacja online]

Product Owner [rekrutacja online]

Location: Wrocław



About the project

As Product Owner you will be in charge to plan feature development work for 2-4 scrum teams, 7-10 software developers each. Your daily duties will include: task planning for every team member, support the team in requirement clarification, following up implementation and internal testing progress in order to fulfil all Definition of Done criteria, reporting progress to Line Managers and Program Managers. 

It is also up to Product Owner to balance team efforts among all parallel feature requests and integration related tasks to maximize team throughput and optimize deliveries’ schedule according to business needs. You will work directly with software development, specification and verification teams, Project and Program Managers.



  • Ownership of development items within own team (assign development items, feature owners, secure delivery of e2e integrated features in (virtual) feature teams)
  • Accountable for the team backlog, reviews and reprioritizes backlog in JIRA for iteration planning
  • Responsible for Pipeline and efficiency within own team
  • Responsible for following-up Definition of Done and for declaring team backlog items as done
  • Coordinates team dependencies with other Agile teams


  • Jira
  • Microsoft Office
  • Excel


  • Several years of experience in software development environment
  • High organizational skills
  • Preferably experience in project management in R&D environment
  • Knowledge of JIRA tool is an advantage
  • Knowledge of the Scrum framework and principles
  • Good leadership and decision making skills
  • Performing well in challenging situations and under pressure
  • Great sense of accountability for the assigned work
  • Creativity in problem solving, assertiveness, self-confidence
  • Networking and very good communication skills in multi-site international envinronment
  • Excellent written and spoken communication in English 
  • Positive attitude, ability to learn quickly, sense of humor :)