Praca: Scripting DevOps Working Student [rekrutacja online]

Scripting DevOps Working Student [rekrutacja online]
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Daily activities

Working Student’s duties are about supporting daily software integration – a process done by the automated systems which put together all the changes in project source code delivered by the developers.

The person in this role constantly helps to improve and automate the integration process and the tools used to achieve highest levels of reliability and completion time. SCM takes care about build and release processes, set up, improve and maintain Continuous Delivery for automatic build, deliver and release processes, develops and maintains build systems and deploys cloud computing for SW building.



We work with:

  • Linux
  • Scripting languages: Bash and Python
  • Version control systems Git/SVN
  • Continuous Delivery systems (Jenkins)
  • Build tools: Make, Cmake, Yocto/Bitbake

The successful candidate will work as a Working Student in SCM department.

1 year civil contract (with possibility of extension): full time availability during summer holidays and at least 3 working days a week during academic year


Our expectations:

  • status of student of Telecommunications, Computer Science or Software Technology or equivalent education
  • Linux makes you feel at home
  • some knowledge of Bash and you want to become an expert (Python is a plus)
  • you can say ‘hello’ in GNU Make but you want to speak it fluently
  • you heard about SVN or GIT or other Version Control Systems and you want to feel comfortable with it
  • you want to be step ahead of everybody around with Continuous Delivery practical skills
  • excellent team player
  • good communication in English (both written and spoken)
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